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We recognize that world class performance demands health, safety, and environmental efforts
Exceeding expectations with Focus and dedication

We recognize that world class performance demands health, safety, and environmental efforts

SMS Equipment continues to be an industry leader in Occupational Health, Safety, and the Environment (OHSE), and will ensure that all employees, as a condition of employment, are aware of their responsibilities. All employees are encouraged to play a role in identifying hazards and offering suggestions to improve the management system.

We will fulfill our commitments by:

We will fulfill our commitments by:

  1. Maintaining an OHSE Management System to ensure our activities are conducted in a responsible manner.
  2. Ensuring all OHSE policies, codes of practices (CP), safe work practices (SWP) and work instructions (WI) are, at a minimum, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  3. Ensuring employees understand their responsibilities and are trained and competent to execute their duties properly and safely.
  4. Applying the principle of reduce, reuse, recycle, resource recovery and residual management in all processes.
  5. Measuring the results of our OHSE performance as an organization and the performance of individual employees.
  6. Working with clients, customers, suppliers and stakeholders in sharing our commitment in providing a safe work environment.
  7. Providing an environment of inclusiveness and where everyone has the Courage to Speak up.
  8. Pursuing continuous improvement in our OHSE performance.
Senior management accepts the leadership responsibility of the OHSE Management System and commits to provide the necessary resources to support the system.
Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment

OHSE Management Systems

We take pride in offering world-class products and services to our customers across Canada and Alaska. As an organization, being world-class applies to all aspects of our business including the implementation of our Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHSE) Management System.

Our OHSE Management System is built on a practical foundation of:
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Best Practices
  • Education
  • Training
  • Auditing
These are developed by our internal safety professionals with consultation and participation from operations personnel throughout all levels of the Company as well as our industry partners. We consider our OHSE Management System “evergreen” and actively pursue opportunities for improvement.

Safety Accreditations & Partnerships

We currently hold Certificate of Recognition (COR) in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Certificate of Recognition (COR) program is a health and safety certification program designed to equip participants with the resources and skills to develop and maintain accredited, in-house safety management systems unique to their workplaces. Organizations who participate in the COR program are more likely to avoid liability and ensure due diligence. An essential component of the certification process is a comprehensive audit of the employer's health and safety management system. To qualify for a COR, the audit must be carried out by a qualified auditor, using an audit plan that is approved for Partnerships use and is accepted by a Certifying Partner. By implementing a combination of compulsory and elective courses, in addition to the safety audit, the COR program helps participants and their organizations understand occupational health and safety-related legislation as well as the safe workplace rights and responsibilities of workers and employers.

SMS Equipment participates in the “Partnerships in Injury Reduction” (PIR) program as established by the Government of Alberta, Employment, Immigration and Industry.

First established in 1989, Partnerships in Injury Reduction was created with the belief that:
  • When employers and workers build effective health and safety management systems in their workplaces, the human and financial costs of workplace injuries and illness will be reduced;
  • More can be achieved by working together than by working alone;
  • And corporate leaders in the province are willing to take a proactive role in creating a climate where employers and employees work together to ensure a healthier and safer work culture, ultimately leading to greater industry self-reliance and less Government intervention.

SMS Equipment remanufactures major electrical components in our ISO 9001-2008 registered facilities in Acheson, AB locations.

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